The Nyimili Project

The Nyimili project is an interdisciplinary landscape documentation project aimed at capturing the cultural values of a prominent range of hills on the southwestern margins of the Hamersley Range. The project was born from a desire to provide a structure for community led engagement in heritage and landscape management, bringing together a team of researchers and Yinhawangka community members in a shared learning experience to explore and document the range and the stories which make it so special. The range is of critical cultural significance to the local Yinhawangka people and there is evidence that the Nyimili range is specifically referenced in stories and songs across the Hamersley Range, north to the Pilbara coast and east into the Western Desert. The ethnographic significance of the range is enhanced by a rich and complex archaeological record. Archaeological features present within the range include, ochre paintings and man-made structures – which are comparatively rare in the wider region – and features of high potential for detailed archaeological investigation and excavation.

The central aims of the project are:

  • Begin the systematic documentation of the archaeological features present within the Nyimili Range;
  • Capture existing knowledge of the place within the contemporary beliefs of the Yinhawangka people;
  • To further document evidence of Nyimili being referenced as a place of significance elsewhere in the region and beyond; and
  • Produce educational and management tools, empowering the Yinhawangka community to care for this place into the future.

The project will also focus on the range’s role as an area of biological significance, and a habitat for rare flora and fauna. This website is one of the outcomes of the project and is a treasure trove of information and multimedia, telling the story of the range through filmmaking, interviews, cultural demonstrations and a series of immersive panoramas.

Take a journey into the range to hear the stories of the Yinhawangka people and glimpse the wonders of this extraordinary place.



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